Meet Sophie



I’m Sophie and I am a Wedding and Event videographer based out of Texas. I am a Houston native, but traveling and experiencing new places is a passion of mine and will gladly travel for videos. 


I have a love for videography and believe that videos are the perfect way to capture your special day, engagement, event, or everyday life. They allow you to look back and see the faces of people you love, bringing back memories, sounds and emotions that accompany that day. 


My style is simple, but I pay attention to every single detail of your day and believe my biggest strength is capturing emotional moments and little details that make that day so special. I am honored to be able to meet new people through videography and participate in their special day. 


My goal is to make every person comfortable despite the fact that I’m holding a large camera in your face for most of the day. I want to you to feel like your best friend is behind the camera. 


Let’s be honest, you want to see the completed video asap and honestly, so do I! Editing is one of my favorite parts of this job and I spend several days editing to make sure it is absolutely perfect, getting your completed video back to you within 9 weeks. Documenting your moment and retelling the beauty of that day is what I love to do. 


When I am not behind the camera, you can almost always find me in an anatomy book because I am currently in Physical Therapy School, after completing four years at the greatest university ever (gig em). I love all things outdoors (being in the mountains is where I thrive and see the beauty of the Lord the most), chick fil a (8 count always), coffee dates with friends talking about life and did I mention traveling? (shout out to the bucket list family for convincing me I can one day travel full-time and make videos for a living) Check out some of my travel videos from this past year. 


Feel free to explore this page and see what I’m all about. You can reach me on the “contact” page or through any of my other social media handles. 


I can’t wait to meet you, be friends, and take part in your special occasion!!

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